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What sheets should I buy, Cool or Luxe?Updated a year ago

If you prefer cool & crisp sheets like a luxury hotel, our Cool sheets with a Percale weave are a soft, luxurious, and breathable percale weave (one under, one over) that get softer with every wash. Percale is perfect if you live in a warmer climate or sleep hot.

If you prefer a silky smooth feel, our Luxe sheet collection with a Sateen weave is soft as butter. Sateen weave is 1 under and 3 over, which exposes more thread surface giving Sateen its trademark sheen and silky feel. Sateen is also woven more tightly, so runs slightly warmer than Percale, so they are perfect for winter months or if you like to be very cozy in bed.

We highly recommend reading about the difference between our Cool and Luxe sheets, as it's crucial to find the sheets that best suit you and how you sleep.

Whatever you choose, you'll love the luxury and ease of your One Bed sheets!
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